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Currently a large number of Queensland state schools are implementing Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL). This evidence based whole-school approach to creating a safe and supportive school environment, provides schools with a framework for improving student learning, wellbeing and behaviour.

Read more about PBL and how you can implement it at your school at why adopt a school-wide approach with PBL.

​​A school-wide approach to creating a safe, supportive and disciplined school

Schools should be safe and supportive environments for everyone—students, teachers, school staff, families and members of the community. The commitment and involvement of the entire school community is needed to create a safe, supportive and disciplined school environment that reflects high standards and expectations for positive and respectful behaviour and allows all students the opportunity to be successful learners.

The Department of Education is committed to supporting the great people (principals, teachers, students, parents and members of the community) working within our Queensland schools to create and nurture safe, supportive and disciplined environments, where students can learn and achieve.

This site provides resources to support students, parents and school staff. Some of the key documents include: