Preventing violence

​Violence is the damaging and destructive use of force. Violence is often used to assert power over individuals.


  • is not just physical—it takes many forms
  • affects the safety, rights and freedom of others
  • may be a one-off incident between individuals or groups
  • can involve an ongoing relationship between parties
  • may involve provoked or unprovoked acts
  • may be used by those victimised by bullying, to get back some of the power.

Violence can be physical, sexual or emotional. Violence can occur in any setting including the community, school, workplace, and within family relationships.

Where to go for help

If anyone you know is experiencing violence of any type, you should talk to someone you trust about the situation. If you are a student you could talk to your teacher, school guidance officer or school based youth health nurse or call Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800.

Understanding violence in schools—Research report (PDF, 335KB)


 Related information


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Last updated
16 October 2014