Emotional violence

​Emotional violence and controlling behaviour is behaviour which does not give equal importance and respect to another person's feelings and experiences. It is often the most difficult to pinpoint or identify.

Emotional violence includes the refusal to listen to, or denial of, another person's feelings, telling people what they do or do not feel and ridiculing or shaming of their feelings. It happens when one person believes they have a right to control or dominate another person.

Bullying, threatening, harassing, isolating and name calling are all forms of control. They can make people feel bad and worry about what is going to happen next. Emotional violence can also make people feel powerless, fearful or angry about the violence.

Where to go for help

No one should have to cope with emotional violence alone. You could approach friends or other family members. If you are a student you could talk to your school guidance officer or call Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800 to talk about your situation.

Last updated
16 October 2014