Physical violence

​Physical violence is the deliberate use of physical force with the potential for causing harm.

Physical violence includes, but is not limited to:

  • scratching or biting
  • pushing or shoving
  • throwing
  • grabbing
  • choking
  • shaking
  • hair-pulling
  • slapping, punching or hitting
  • use of a weapon (gun, knife, or other object)
  • use of restraints or one's body, size, or strength against another person.

Physical violence also includes encouraging other people to do any of these things.

Physical violence is a serious issue and may lead to criminal charges.

Physical injury, for example one blow to the head through a fight or a fall, can have severe consequences and may lead to brain injury, permanent disability or even death. Remember, it may only take one push or punch!

Where to go for help

If you are in a situation where you feel unsafe or have experienced physical violence, call the local police or, in an emergency or life threatening situation, call triple zero (000). Tell the operator you want police. Tell the operator your name, a contact number and where you are.

If anyone has been injured, contact an ambulance on triple zero (000) or go to a doctor or your nearest hospital emergency department.

Last updated
16 October 2014