​Being safe is important when you are at school, at home or out and about in your community. You never know when you might come across a situation where you or a friend are at risk of harm so it is best to be prepared by having some ideas about what you can do to stay safe.

Violence can be physical, sexual or emotional and can sometimes be directly linked to bullying.

As you move from adolescence to adulthood, parties, other social activities and celebrations such as Schoolies will be important events in your life. They are a part of growing up and celebrating special occasions with your friends.

While most celebrations are fun for everyone involved, things can go wrong. Violence, drink-spiking, misusing mobile phones and the internet, sexual assault, and alcohol and drugs can all turn a great celebration into a real tragedy.

The Queensland Police—Party-Safe Program has some ideas to help in holding a great party that's stress-free for everyone concerned including parents, hosts and guests. The site includes Party Safe for Guests, tips to help you have a good time at a party, and a Party Safe Checklist for party hosts. A Party Safe Registration Form is also available so that party hosts can register their party (at least one week beforehand) with the local police.

Last updated
05 January 2015