A positive approach

​State schools in Queensland are required to take a whole-school approach to creating a safe, supportive and disciplined learning environment, where students can learn, free from bullying harassment and violence. The Statement of expectations for a disciplined school environment sets out the expectation for schools to develop an evidence-based, whole-school approach to discipline.

Information, initiatives and resources to help school leaders and teachers create and sustain a positive school environment include:

The National Safe Schools Framework, supported by all Australian Ministers and education jurisdictions, provides a vision and a set of guiding principles for safe, supportive and respectful school communities that promote student wellbeing.

The framework contains guiding principles that represent fundamental beliefs about safe, supportive and respectful school communities. These guiding principles emphasise the importance of student safety and wellbeing as a pre-requisite for effective learning in all school settings.

The Student Wellbeing Hub contains information and resources to implement the National Safe Schools Framework. The Student Wellbeing Hub explores the National Safe Schools Framework, providing case studies and an online audit tool to pinpoint the areas of priority.

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) is an evidence-based whole-school approach to establishing the social culture needed for schools to be effective learning environments for all students.

The Queensland Schools Alliance Against Violence (QSAAV) was formed in 2010 to provide advice to the Minister for Education, Training and Employment on best practice measures to address bullying and violence in Queensland schools. Two resources, Understanding student violence in schools (PDF, 335KB) and the Working Together toolkit (DOC, 797KB), provide advice for schools. 

Last updated
05 May 2017