Roll out the red carpet for DigiFest 2016!

Cybersafe DigiFest Competition 2016 is all about Queensland state school students creating an original multimedia production and exploring the message of oversharing in the digital world.

Students can use their digital skills, such as video, animation or Claymation, to create a 2-3 minute production and win a red-carpet awards event in Brisbane, a trip to Movie World and other awesome prizes for their school.

Oversharing in the digital world can impact on the real world. Students can explore themes around online chatting, permission for gaming and social media accounts, providing personal information, photo sharing, bullying, protecting online reputations, and living life in the real world.

The competition is open to all students from Prep to Year 12. Students can work individually or as a team of up to five students. 

Categories are based on:
  • Prep - Year 2
  • Years 3 - 6
  • Years 7 - 8
  • Years 9 - 12
For more information and helpful resources, visit the Cybersafe DigiFest website​. Please note you can only access this website within the DET network through your student or teacher device.

How to enter

1. Sign up for the resource kit ​

The resource kit will give you everything you need to submit a successful entry, including:
  • category details and cybersafety topics
  • key dates
  • the judging process and criteria
  • links to online resources
  • email updates.

2. Students' produce their multimedia masterpiece 

Working individually or in teams of up to five, students create a 2-3 minute production. Entries will be awarded on creativity and originality in discussing the theme and must include the hashtag for the chosen topic. 

Additional information about the judging process is available in the resource kit .

Check out our previous winners for inspiration (make sure you’re on the DET network to access these videos).

3. Submit the entry​

Before submitting your entry, make sure every person who has been filmed or produced the entry has completed a signed consent form (PDF, 211KB).

Entries must meet the following technical criteria: 
  • a minimum video quality of 16:9 widescreen 480p (or dimensions 854x480)
  • a preferred video quality of 16:9 widescreen 720p (or dimensions 1280x720) or better
  • the sound must be clear and audible with no environmental interference

Complete the entry form and submit your entry one of two ways:

1. Mail a USB to:

Cybersafe DigiFest Competition 2016
Department of Education and Training
Office of the Assistant Director-General
Information and Technologies Branch
PO Box 15033
City East QLD 4002


2. Upload it to your school's G Drive (e.g. G:\SchoolName\classfolder\DigiFestEntries) and submit or email the entry form (PDF, 1.7MB)​ to with the consent forms.

All entries must be received by 5pm on Friday 12 August 2016.
Last updated
23 June 2016