Parent and students using computerA number of great resources are available to help your child stay safe online, including fact sheets, videos, tips for safety and tools for online security.

Online awareness: Information for parents and caregivers (PDF, 4MB) (RTF, 101KB) provides important information for parents about cybersafety and cyberbullying. It suggests what parents and caregivers could do if their child is the target of, or is responsible for, inappropriate online behaviour.

Creep quiz allows you to have discussions with your child about how to stay safe online

ABC Technology Explained provides extensive information about all types of communication technology.

ThinkUKnow is an internet safety education program for parents, carers and teachers, with fact sheets and other resources.

Stay Smart Online provides information for Australian internet users on the steps they can take to protect their personal and financial information online. The site has informative videos, quizzes and a free alert service that provides information on the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Ten privacy tips for parents and carers contains information and useful tips to help protect personal information when you and your child are online.

Social media and the school community (PDF, 716KB) (RTF, 81KB) provides information to parents and caregivers about how to use social media in relation to comments or posts about their school community.

Cybersafety help button

A cybersafety help button is on all school computers to help keep internet users safe.

While the internet offers many benefits, there are also potential risks, such as cyberbullying, scams and fraud, offensive content and unwanted contact. The cybersafety help button is a tool to provide information and support for all internet users.

Students are encouraged to report any concerns to school staff for investigation and appropriate action.

The button provides users with an easy means of reporting cyberbullying concerns online and provides 24 hour access to cybersafety help, resources and information.

When the icon is double-clicked, the user is taken directly to a web page where they can talk, report or learn about cybersafety issues.

The talk function provides links to support services, including Kids Helpline. Users who are worried by cyberbullying and online concerns can phone or chat online to a professional counsellor.

The report function offers direct links to pages on social networking sites and apps such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that have site-specific cybersafety information. There are also links for reporting scams, fraud, inappropriate websites and improper behaviour, and for contacting the Australian Federal Police.

The learn function provides a range of cybersafety educational resources for children to explore.

To install the cybersaftey help button, refer to eSafety website.


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Cybersafety help button

The cybersafety help button can also be downloaded on to home/office computers via the Australian Government's website. It is compatible with all major PC and Mac operating systems and is easily installed onto home, school and library computers.

Last updated
11 October 2016