Cybersafety resources

​The resources below are selected from the vast amount of information for teachers, prioritising government resources for lesson plans and teaching materials.

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner provides resources for speaking about cybersafety in classrooms. Some of the available activities are:

  • Zippep's Astro circus which reinforces the concept of positive online behaviour, through a series of games aimed at students from prep to grade two.
  • Hector's world which offers children practical guidance on managing risks and reinforce the importance of responsible online behaviour.
  • Tagged encourages young people to reflect on the real life consequences caused by cyberbullying, sexting and negative digital reputation.

Bullying. No Way! is an educational website for Australian school communities and the general public managed by the Safe and Supportive School Communities. It is a collaborative initiative of all Australian education authorities. Bullying. No Way! covers all types of bullying including cyberbullying.

Common Sense Media (United States) is a not-for-profit US organisation providing a comprehensive cybersafety curriculum as well as other materials. An example of the type of content is a lesson plan introducing students to the purpose and application of the school's Acceptable Use Policy for ICTs.

Creep quiz is an online quiz aimed at students from 11 years of age to provide insights into the online world and highlight some of the pitfalls for the unwary.

Kids Helpline have lesson plans available to educate students about cyerbullying and cybersafety.

The Student Wellbing Hub​ contains information and resources to implement the National Safe Schools Framework. The Safe Schools Hub explores the National Safe Schools Framework, providing case studies and an online audit tool to pinpoint the areas of priority.

Last updated
07 March 2018