Cybersafety policy

In making reasonable rules about what students can and cannot bring to school, schools can ban anything which is illegal, dangerous or is likely to cause disruption or harm to the smooth running of the school and the education of other students. The use of mobile phones and other electronic equipment (including those with Bluetooth functionality) by students at school, if unmonitored, can become disruptive.

Mobile phones and electronic devices, particularly those with the capacity to record images/footage can be appropriately incorporated into the learning program. However, except in times of genuine emergency or if the use is a sanctioned part of the educational program, mobile phone and other personal electronic devices (including those with Bluetooth functionality) should be restricted. This includes, but is not limited to, gaming devices (e.g. PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch) laptop computers, PDAs, cameras and/or voice recording devices (whether or not integrated with a mobile phone or MP3 player), mobile phones, iPods and devices of a similar nature.

When principals become aware that these devices have been used to capture and distribute images of violence, malice, etc. and the images have been uploaded to a website, where possible, appropriate disciplinary action should be undertaken in accordance with the school's disciplinary policy. Additionally, steps should be taken to seek removal of the material from the website. Where footage or images have been distributed electronically, via Bluetooth functionality or in hard copy, school principals, once aware and where possible, should seek to stop distribution.​​​

Last updated
11 January 2019