Alternative programs for behaviour management

For some students, alternative placements and pathways are needed for them to reach their educational goals. Schools and regional offices employ a variety of strategies to support students at risk of disengaging from learning, including:

  • Positive Learning Centres
    Positive Learning Centres (PLCs) are one provision in an array of regional services that aim to provide an alternative program for some students who at a given point in time require intervention beyond the capacity of a mainstream classroom. The overall aim of the PLCs is to reintegrate students into mainstream schooling or into more appropriate learning or vocational pathways.
  • Regional-based centres (including alternative programs for six to 20-day suspensions)
    A number of district-based services, programs and centres have been established throughout Queensland to also provide alternative programs for students at risk.
  • Flexible learning services
    Flexible learning services focus on programs to re-engage disengaged 15 to 17-year-old youth. The program has been successful in re-engaging previously disengaged young people, retaining students who were at risk of disengaging from learning, and assisting young people to attain qualifications (achievement).
Last updated
04 May 2018