Effective teaching

Group of students with teacherEffective school staff are critical to developing safe and inclusive classrooms, where students are supported and engaged in learning. A whole-school approach to curriculum provision, using a continuum of support, caters for the learning needs of all students including those with diverse needs.

Successful teachers define, teach, reteach and model the expected behaviours. They provide regular opportunities for students to practise the expected behaviours in the settings in which they will be used. They also actively supervise students, promote the expected behaviour, prevent and correct inappropriate behaviour and acknowledge positive behaviour continuously.

Great teachers differentiate behaviour support practices and strategies, based on data related to student progress and responsiveness, to teach appropriate behaviour and social and emotional skills. They also differentiate approaches and support to recognise disability, while not accepting inappropriate behaviour. Teacher interventions aim to increase student functioning and self-regulation in school and beyond.

Classroom PBL

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) provides the framework for a whole school evidence-based approach to behaviour support. PBL takes an instructional approach to behaviour, recognising that schools need to teach the behaviours needed for success at school and beyond. Schoolwide PBL provides the foundations for Classroom PBL, which can be described as the consistent implementation of proactive, research-informed practices for classroom management​

Positive Behaviour for Learning diagram

Information on the recommended practices for classroom management used in Queensland state schools (PDF, 1.3MB)​

Classroom PBL poster 1⁠—Overview of classroom PBL (PDF, 276KB)

Classroom PBL poster 2⁠—Ways to build positive relationships (PDF, 284KB)

Classroom PBL poster 3⁠—Checklist for classroom setup (PDF, 294KB)

Classroom PBL poster 4⁠—Ideas for differentiation (PDF, 795KB)

Classroom PBL poster 5⁠—Checklist for classroom rules (PDF, 299KB)

Classroom PBL poster 6⁠—Ideas for positive reinforcement (PDF, 240KB)

Classroom PBL poster 7⁠—Active engagement (PDF, 288KB)

Classroom PBL poster 8⁠—Active supervision (PDF, 297KB)

Classroom PBL poster 9⁠—Corrective feedback (PDF, 231KB)​

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15 October 2019