Data informed decision-making

Teachers working togetherData is collected about school performance and about individual students. It can be analysed to look at what is happening across Queensland, in regions, schools, classrooms, or with each student.

Knowing what is happening with each individual student means that teaching and learning can be differentiated to best support the student's learning and behaviour.

Knowing what is happening in a school means the school staff can focus on providing the right support to students to help them learn and achieve.

In Queensland state schools data is captured using OneSchool, a school performance and student management database. Some of the data that may be used to create a positive school environment is student achievement, student attendance, student behaviour (both positive behaviour and inappropriate behaviour) and academic data.

Effective schools use standard evaluation questions that consider:

  • what, where, when and why students engage in particular behaviours
  • the staff members involved
  • the accuracy and consistency of implementation of the positive whole-school approach.

Principals and school staff who regularly analyse data are able to evaluate the implementation of the positive whole-school approach and inform revision.

Analysing the data and sharing it with staff, parents and students allows everyone in the school community to focus on developing a safe and supportive learning environment.


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Last updated
04 February 2019