Setting expectations

Posters outlining expected behavioursA key role of the principal and all school staff is to set high expectations for behaviour and learning across the whole-school community and for all students.

It is important that all students know and are taught what is expected of them so that they can behave in appropriate ways.

Setting, and consistently reinforcing clear expectations, allows schools to provide consistency in what they teach and what to correct in terms of student behaviour.

Typically, schools identify, define and describe three to four positive, school-wide behaviour expectations for all members of the school community to follow. For example, Be safe, Be respectful, Be responsible.

School staff develop and implement formal lesson plans using positive behaviour examples that represent typical school settings and each of the three to four positive expectations.

School communities set the disciplinary consequences for unacceptable behaviour. School leaders develop and implement procedures for responding to inappropriate behaviour and train staff to ensure consistent effective implementation. Disciplinary consequences are most effective when they are applied fairly and consistently.


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Last updated
16 October 2014