Accessing support

​Implementing Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) in a school is a team driven process.

A school PBL leadership team is trained in the process over a year, being provided with continuous professional development and the is support of a team coach. Further support and guidance is provided to PBL schools after the initial year of support, according to school data and level of need.

The team is made up of administrator, teacher, parent and community representatives.

Training and support contacts

  • Queensland state schools should contact their regional offices for information on training and support in PBL
  • Catholic Education schools should contact their local Catholic Education Office

Information for parents

Parent involvement improves schools in general. If your school is implementing PBL you could:

  • ask your school for a calendar of activities for parents
  • attend parades and assemblies to learn about the school's Rule or Expectation of the week
  • seek any resources the school can provide you for managing behaviour at home
  • find out the schoolwide expectations and put these in place at home as well
  • ask if there are places on the PBL leadership team you could volunteer for.
Last updated
07 March 2016