Cancellation of enrolment


What does cancellation of enrolment mean?

The principal can cancel the enrolment of a post compulsory school age student if the student refuses to participate in the educational program. If a student's enrolment is cancelled, it means they can no longer attend that school. A student is no longer of compulsory school age once they turn 16 years of age or complete Year 10, whichever comes first.

The student, the student's parent or someone on his/her behalf may make a submission to the Director-General of the Department of Education who will review the principal's decision and confirm, amend or set aside the principal's decision.

What is the process the school follows when cancelling an enrolment?

The process for cancellation of enrolment is outlined in the department's Safe, supportive and disciplined school environment procedure.

Prompts, examples and rules in OneSchool guide a principal through the cancellation of enrolment process, including the notices for students.

What does a principal need to consider before cancelling an enrolment?

The principal must consider the individual circumstances such as the student's behaviour history, disability, mental health and wellbeing, religious and cultural considerations, home environment and care arrangements. The principal must also consider whether another disciplinary strategy or consequence would be more appropriate.

Does the principal have to give a warning letter before cancelling an enrolment?

While it is not required under the legislation, procedural fairness requires that the student is told about the allegations against them, has a reasonable opportunity to see and consider the evidence relied upon by the decision-maker and is given a reasonable opportunity to present his/her case and be given a fair hearing before the decision is made.

What does it mean if a student's enrolment is cancelled?

Once a student's enrolment is cancelled, they cannot apply to re-enrol at the school at which his/her enrolment was cancelled until the cancellation period is completed. An enrolment can only be cancelled for up to 12 months. A student is entitled to apply to enrol at another state school or non-state school.

Principals must notify the student and his/her parents (if the student is under the age of 18 years) of the cancellation of enrolment and support the student to understand his/her other educational or vocational options, such as TAFE, an apprenticeship/traineeship or employment.

Even though a student's enrolment can be cancelled, they must continue to participate in education and training until they:

  • gain a Queensland Certificate of Education
  • gain a certificate III level vocational qualification
  • turn 17 years of age.

Where can I find out more information?

For more information refer to the Safe, supportive and disciplined school environment procedure.

Last updated 02 October 2019